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    Volition.com Mystery Shopping Companies List
USA H thru P

Harris Teeter · Supermarket chain with stores in FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, and VA

i-SPY hospitality audit services, L.L.C. · Personal and prompt with payment. Pays shoppers immediately upon receiving any receipts from shops. Provides telephone administration testing and fast food shops across the USA; full service restaurant shops in Philadelphia and surrounding areas including PA, DC, NJ, DE, and New York City.

ICC/Decision Services · An industry leader in mystery shopping and merchandising solutions.

imyst · Market research services, mystery shopping programs, customer service evaluation, audits and assessments. Site has listing of available jobs.

Informa Research Services · Variety of industries such as financial and retail. Detail oriented company.

Infotel · Varied assignments: retail, restaurants, service stations, financial institutions, cruise and tour companies, health and fitness clubs, and more. Site has listing of available jobs.

Instant Reply · Dining and shopping assignments. Reports are submitted online.

IntelliShop · Mystery shopping, web site reviews, pricing surveys, audits, and more.

J M Ridgway Company · Has multiple types of shops including many transportation terminal shops available across USA.

Jancyn Evaluation Shops · Restaurant/Retail and Rental/Housing research. They have converted to a paperless, online reporting system. An account rep will contact you directly, electronically, when you qualify for shops available in your area.

LeBlanc & Associates · Specializes in the new home builder market. Their expertise and sole focus is the housing industry.

Locksley Group Ltd. · They handle Apartment, Automotive, Banking/Financial, Entertainment, Restaurants, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitals/Medical, Call Centers, Travel Airport and Sports Franchise Concessions, and Mall Management. Contact: Elaine Locksley LGLGROUP@aol.com

Maritz Research · Role play as a real customer to directly evaluate the quality of service delivered by a company. Audits may also be available.

Market Force Information · A leader in mystery shopping with over 300,000 shoppers who conduct mystery shopping at top food, grocery, convenience and retailer stores. Specializes in the food, theater, chain restaurant, consumer packed goods, banking, electronics and convenience and retail industries. (Canada, USA)

Marketing Endeavors, LLC · Variety of shops available: Dining, retail, automotive, gambling facilities, healthcare, real estate, banking, telephone/ internet, audio and video. Exit interviews and internet surveys.

Marketing Systems Unlimited · Specialty is fast food but also shops sit down restaurants, hotels, c-stores, and automobile garages. Has full and part time positions.

MarketWise Consulting Group, Inc. · Specializes in banking & financial shops. Most of the shoppers work for at least a year on one account and receive a paycheck once a month as employees.

Mar's Surveys · Not just mystery shopping, mall and telephone interviewing and recruiting particpants for studies.

Market Viewpoint · Industries served include housing, retail, health care, auto, restaurants, grocery, auto, child care centers and more.

Mass Connections · Observe and audit in-store sampling events.

Measure Consumer Perspectives · Serving all types of clients from Beauty Salons to Property Management. Traditional and video shopping. Payments usually made on the 15th of the following month.

Melinda Brody and Company · A shopping company that only works with new home builders.

Mercantile Systems and Surveys · Golf, dining, entertainment, and hotel/motel.

Enter to win $10000 just for taking surveys that you get paid for.

Merchandise Concepts · Focus: retail, hospitality and all service industries. ("Training Tips Booklet" required to be purchased by new shopper applicants.)

The Mershimer Group, Inc. · Provides Loss Prevention and Royalty Assurance Services to the Franchise and retail industries. These services include mystery and integrity shopping, store and restaurant visits, evaluations, and audits.

Muscle Marketing · Some Mystery Shopping, but mostly Event Marketing, Demonstrations, Samplings, and Merchandising. Contact Gigi Bell gjbell@cox.net

Mystery Guest, Inc. · Restaurant shops.

Mystery Shoppers · Shops available in all states for carpet cleaning, cell phone shops, retail stores, truck stops, restaurants, and many others.

Mystique Shopper · Evaluate employee performance, customer service and products for the retail and service industries. (Pays quickly.)

National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) · Located in Colorado. In addition to your payment, you may get to keep the merchandise you are instructed to purchase.

Nationwide Services Group, Inc (NSG) · Shopping nationwide retail store chains, convenient store chains, gas stations, restaurants & more. Site has listing of available jobs. (Formally: Nationwide Integrity Services, Inc. (NIS))

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC) · Mystery shop the northwest.

Nsite Inc. · Specializations: Salons/Spas, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Bars, Automotive, Retail, Coffee Houses. Pays via PayPal at the end of each month. (AZ, CA, IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, NJ, NY, TX, WI)

The Pat Henry Group · Mystery shopping, product introductions, merchandising services, and demonstration programs.

Perfect Performance · Various Mystery Shopping assignments. Contact Christina Perry perfectperform@aol.com to apply. (USA)

The Performance Edge · Hospitality, retail and service industries.

Person to Person Quality · A leading consultant to banks, mortgage companies, and non-bank lenders.

Premier Service Inc. · Specializes in retail, hotel, and restaurant shops across North America.

Primo Solutions, LLC · Home Builders, Apartments, Property Management, Senior s Housing, Financial Institutions, Retail, Hospitality (Canada, USA)

Promotion Network, Inc. · Promotions such as in-store events, sampling, merchandising service and also mystery shopping.

PROS Granite Starr · Specialize in shops for financial institutions.

PulseBack · Restaurant, retail and supermarket chains. Site has listing of available jobs.

This is not just a list of Mystery Shopping companies, but a list of Mystery Shopping companies approved by Volition.com readers. As such, the list in all forms is copyright. It is a shame we have to waste your time writing this on the page, but several unethical people have attempted to steal this page and publish it as their own.

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