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Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense - no
one thinks he needs more of it than he already has.
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We do not send any emails asking you to sign up with us or to become a mystery shopper. If you got one, it is a scammer pretending to be us. Scammers are evil.

Welcome to Volition®. Let me tell you a bit about what you will find on this site. We are the oldest Free Stuff site on the Internet. That was the beginning and now we have much much more than just free stuff. Although we still really like the free stuff.

We are glad you came by. With the help of our visitors, we continue to add more new features and continue to grow. You are invited to e-mail any ideas that you have for the site to me at ray@volition.com. Below you will find links to all the sections and some paragraphs explaining what you will find within each section.

One feature we just added is Volition.com's Free Trade Publications, which offers free Trade Magazines to business professionals. We have a wide variety of free trade magazines to offer.

If you are visiting after seeing a recent news story, please look around the whole site. There is more to the site than just the Mystery Shopping. But if that is what you came for, click here to go right to that area.

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** Fraud Alert**
Volition.com is a legitimate website with many awards and was honored by a major publication who listed us as the place to go to find out about fraud sites.

You will never be asked to pay or send money on our behalf. If you are being asked to pay money or receive a cashiers check or any similar financial transaction it is not from Volition.com.

If a request comes your way seemingly from Volition.com, take no action and be aware it is a scam. Call your local authorities and state attorney general's office.

Free Stuff Volition® FREE Stuff! · You e-mail, fill out forms and call 800 numbers. You wait. Lots of stuff arrives in the mail. Sign up for surveys and get big prizes and download coupons to use at local stores and restaurants. There is also plenty of Free Stuff for your E-mailbox. And check out the great free software and the The Download of the Week.

Get Paid Volition® Get Paid! · Get Paid to Shop. Get Paid to Surf. Get Paid to Search. Get Paid to Read E-Mail. Get Paid for Your Opinions. There are sites that claim to pay us for everything. Here we discuss which are worthwhile and which are scams. If you are interested in learning about Mystery Shopping, this is where you need to look.

Prizes Volition® Try to Win Stuff! · Try your luck, prizes range from total crap to t-shirts to computer stuff to cash, trips and cars.

Coupons Outlets Volition® Coupons and Outlets · Links to coupon sites, coupon codes and company outlets. Many stores and catalogs have limited numbers of items which don't merit being listed in the clearance catalog. These days, those items get listed on their webpages. We have linked directly to these overstocks to save you money.

Your New Home Volition® Your New Home · Everything you need when you are moving or looking for a new home.

Your New Car Volition® Your New Vehicle · Research and buy your next new/used car. Or find a price for your old car. Auto Insurance tips and free quotes. Everything from accessories to parts to audio to high performance gear.

Health and Nutrition Volition® Health and Nutrition · It will make you feel all better.

Food and Recipes Volition® Food and Recipes · Just printout the screen and eat it. Yum Yum. Here you will find our recipe guide as well as a guide to supermarkets online, many of which have recipes and coupons to download.

Travel Volition® Travel Info · We were looking for travel information on the net. Most of the sites stank. So we created a web page of what we found useful.

Cool Sites Volition® Cool Web Sites · We really enjoy surfing the WWW and created these pages in tribute to the nice people that we have met in our travels. You will enjoy visiting the sites that we have chosen for you, from Monty Python to Mensa. There is a section called The Surf Backwards featuring links to all the places that have links to here. Go to them and try to find your way back. Our awards have been moved to a huge separate page.

Forums Volition® Bulletin Boards · This is the place for the thousands of daily Volition.com readers to get together and meet.

Web Design Volition® Web Design Guide · Want to try your hand at setting up a page of your own. All the tools that you will need are here. (Annoy a big corporation by making a nicer page on your home computer than the one they spent $100,000 for.)

Search Volition® Search the Web · Your one stop for WWW search engines and to search through this site.

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