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    HealthGrades- Find and Compare Doctors · Research your Doctor or potential Doctor's education and training.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) · Focuses on developing and applying disease prevention and control, environmental health, and health promotion and education activities.

Doctor Healthynet · Preventive health guidelines, list of diseases and conditions, and information about medical procedures.

Early Menopause · Lots of good information about menopause.

FamilyDoctor · Health information for the whole family from the American Academy of Family Physicians. Don't miss the self care flowchart area.

MayoClinic · Reliable information for a healthier life.

AIM DocFinder · Get information about your current physician or one you plan on seeing.

NOAH: New York Online Access to Health · Many different categories including: aging and alzheimer's disease / aids and hiv / alternative medicine / asthma / cancer / diabetes / environmental health / the eye / healthy living / heart disease and stroke / mental health / neurological and neuromuscular diseases / nutrition / personal health / pregnancy / sexuality / sexually transmitted diseases / tuberculosis.

Medscape · For Health Professionals and Consumers provides information on infectious diseases, AIDS, urology, and surgery. The page is reminiscent of the New England Journal of Medicine, or Lancet, but with nicer color pictures. All medical practice-oriented information is peer-reviewed and edited. Access is free, but you must register as a user.

ADHA - Oral Health Information · Keep your smile for a lifetime. Don't miss the Kids Stuff section.

Dr.Weil · Got a question? Ask the good doctor.

Clinical Trials.gov · Linking patients to medical research.

MDChoice · Medical information, interactive education, and medical databases for both consumers and healthcare professionals.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia · Lots of information regarding children's healthcare.

Keep Kids Healthy · A guide to your childrens health, parenting advice, and information on growth and development.

RealAge · Interactive tools to support your individual health decisions.

Healthatoz · Health and medical resource developed by healthcare professionals for consumers to better manage their health.

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