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Free Scripts for Webmasters

everyone.net · Add e-mail, search, and community tools too. These will increase traffic, get repeat visitors, and make money. Best of all, it lets you control the ads.

Darryl Burgdorf's WebScripts · Many of the programs that run on Volition.com came from this site. Our ads are served by WebAdverts and the Bulletin Board is using WebBBS. Darryl's software is great, affordable and well supported.

ASP101 · A good place to start for ASP developers.

411-ASP · The place developers go for Active Server Page (ASP) information.

ZDNet Developer Script Library · Java Scripts, Java Applets, Perl Scripts and a whole lot more.

The JavaScript Source · An excellent "cut & paste" JavaScript library. I do not recommend that you add too much java anything to your site.

Matt's Script Archive · Great source for cool CGI programs.

The Michael Schrenk JavaScript Animation Tutorial · Pretty good tutorial on the issues of using JS.

Free Code · Nice variety: CGI programming, internet protocols, chat/conferencing, database management, online applications, email, user interface components, web hosting tools, and html authoring.

CGI 101 · Online tutorials and scripts. A very good resource for the CGI programmer.

Script Search · Directory for scripts, source code, examples, and more.

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript · Cut and paste java scripts into your HTML code. Perl and CSS available too.

Gamelan · Everything java.

Java Boutique · Free java applets, programming tutorials, and downloads.

Java Script World · Lots of information and scripts available.

Javascript City · Lots of scripts and informative information with tutorials.

CGI Resource · Just a great resource for scripts and all the information you want about CGI. Scripts written in all types of languages: Perl, C/C++, AppleScript.

CGI for me · A site that will let you link to CGI scripts from their site so you don't have to have a provider that allows CGI.

Javascripts.com · Thousands of java scripts.

Free-Scripts · Lots of different CGI scripts to choose from.

American Consumer Opinion

Free Counters

We think counters don't really look good on a web site. Some people like them and in some cases they actually help a site. Please only use one after giving careful thought as to whether it will help the site.

Site Tracker · A great tool for web masters is to know who is coming to their site. Site Tracker keeps track of IP addresses, their browser, screen resolution, referring site or search engine, and more!

Cyber Stats · Free cut and paste stats tracking service. No programming is required, and no cgi bin is needed. Requires you to display a banner advertisment.

The Counter.com · Their free version will track number of visitors (unique and total) with a visible counter, and will send you a weekly stats report.

Fast Counter · Several counter styles.

JCount Counters · A java based counter that is very fast to load, but has only one design.

LBInet Counters · A no frills counter that has a banner attached. Not a very good deal.

Counter Bot · Get a free no frills counter and no banner ad.

Site Meter · Add a counter to your page that does more than just report hits, it will give you some basic statistics as well.

Pinecone Surveys

Opinion Outpost

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