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    Tons of Downloadable Fonts

Fonts.com · This site has endless directories of great fonts. Instant access and unlimited downloads to 2,500,000 fonts. You know we are really cheap. So, why are we recommending a fee-based site? Quantity, quality, and the convenience of easily finding exactly what you need quickly.

Free Fonts

Pizza Dude · You'll find a great variety here.

Font Garden · Lots of unique fonts and dingbats.

Blambot! · Free comic fonts.

Cheap Skate Fonts · If your looking for something out of the ordinary, you've found it.

Tepid Monkey Fonts · Freeware fonts for a freeware world.

DA3 · View and download over 100 free fonts.

Type Euphoria · Fonts and more fonts.

Dog Hause · When you thought you had all the fonts you needed, get some pet fonts.

Font-a-licious Fonts · Fonts and dingbats in both PC and Mac downloadable format.

Phantomphonts · Something new for your PC or Mac.

Fonts! · Lots of thought went into the title of this one.

Media Builder · Over 500 fonts, but that's not all. Look for free graphics and more.

Caffeen Fonts · Cool free fonts.

Graphic Park · Great unique fonts from this graphic design company.

Fontmaster · The master of the fonts.

Yet Another Font Site · Ok content, but a great name.

Plucer Vision · Lots o' fonts.

StimulEye Fonts · This site really is a stimulus for your eyes.

Core · Some are free to download, others you'll need to buy.

The Font Pool · With over 1000 categorized truetype fonts for you to download, with previews and charactermaps.

Useful Font Links

Fonts.com · Be sure to check out "Type 101" where they have assembled some of the best typographic resources for those who are just getting started in the world of typography. Over 8,000 quality (not free) fonts. List of Font Designers, Foundries, Tools, Resources, Associations, Organizations and even Events.

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If you like playing Hangman - visit PlayHangman.com

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