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If you like playing Hangman - visit PlayHangman.com


Paid E-mail

BuildReferrals.com · Use yourname@BuildReferrals.com and make money from your friends who visit. They give you a free webpage so you can advertise all your referals codes at one time in one place. And they handle all the coding and updates for you.

Pinecone Surveys

For the Fans

NCTTA · The National Collegiate Table Tennis Association is proud to offer everyone free e-mail.

Opera Mail · Opera fans click here for your Opera e-mail account.

Just Free E-mail

GOpile · Yourname@gopile.com. Check your email from any web browser, no banner ads or pop-up ads and address book.

LasVegas · Show everyone you're a winner!

Journeylink · Free E-mail for RVers as well as other cool things for those who live on wheels.

The Slacks · Just another web based e-mail service.

Care2.com · Free e-mail and help save the environment.

Getaway to the Net · Another decent service that offers POP access and other nice features.

Quickmail · Free e-mail that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Jesus Mail · The free e-mail service for Christians.

Enter to win $10000 just for taking surveys that you get paid for.

E-mail Programs (PC)

The Bat · A small but full-featured e-mail client featuring an intuitive graphical user interface based on Win32 API. The Bat is a fully configurable multiple-POP account handling a comprehensive mail dispatcher that helps manage mail on the server, if preferred. It has message-filtering, multi-lingual support, and supports all versions of PGP from 2.6x through 6.02. The Bat now includes POP3 and IMAP4 compatibility. It is an excellent alternative to the giant mail clients that offer the same features. Costs about $35.

PMMail/2 · Has tons of features. This is the latest version and costs about $45.

Acorn E-mail · A POP3 and SMTP e-mail client that previews messages on the server which helps the user become more selective when checking their e-mail. It also allows different user profiles which is perfect for some one sharing an internet connection with other people, or some one who has more than one e-mail account. Costs about $20.

Poco Mail · This is a powerful e-mail client with a really "snazzy" interface. Includes multiple accounts, multiple address books, one-key access to most functions, drag and drop messages, mailboxes, nested folders, and much more! Costs about $25.

Sendm@il · A very small, no-frills send-mail program that sits in the system tray. It is very easy to use with all the features you would want for text-mail sending in a quick and easy manner with little memory usage. Costs about $25.

E-mail Programs (Mac)

Claris E-mailer · If you like organization, this is the program for you. It provides excellent help documents, and does a first-class job! This is the previous commercial version, now available for free. If you like this version, you'll love Emailer 2.0.

Safe Mail · Keep your messages safe from prying eyes with this free e-mail utility. It supports most internet standards and compresses your mail keeping transmission times low.

Other Places for E-mail

Free Email Address Directory

Free E-mail Providers Guide

Add E-mail to Your Website

everyone.net · Add e-mail, search, and community tools too. These will increase traffic, get repeat visitors, and make money. Best of all, it lets you control the ads.

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