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The Volition.com PT Cruiser

Volition.com Drive Across the USA

The car was picked up from Galloway Chrysler on February 21, 2001. (It was ordered on July 14, 2000.)

With only 45 miles on it, it was driven to the studio of Steve Kafka, who added custom artwork to it. Steve Kafka has for many years been considered to be on the cutting edge of modern design, both in his beautiful and original pinstriping techniques and graphic design/custom painting.

Lots of people have heard about our PT Cruiser being painted and want to see pictures of it. Here is a sample of what it looks like. Not too many pictures yet as we only got it back on March 9th.

The actual paint job involves many custom paint techniques plus two colors of pearl (platinum and gold). There are an infinite amount of candy colors with blue tips. The outline of the flames starts yellow and transitions to red and then to blue. The flames will change colors depending on light and angle of viewing. Steve also did a technique with water that he used in a magazine bike paint job that looks like the flame has life. Not hologram, but a similar effect. (How it's done is a secret.)

You really don't get the full effect unless you are actually standing next to it. The colors change as you move around the car.

(Click on an image to see a larger one.)

Visit Steve Kafka's Studio to see more of his work.

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